Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Our adventure begins - Saturday 30th August 2014

A long journey started at 5 am as the alarm went off in the bedroom.  A drive to Heathrow, flight to Oslo, onward to Tromso and then final hop to Svalbard and Longyearbyen airport was need before our arctic adventure could start. 

Take off from Tromso
I’m not a great traveller these days, preferring the ‘well it’s got to happen so just deal with it’ approach.  Landing in Longyearbyen was nearly the end of a very long day.  The beautiful late light around the mountains and bays of Tromso had been replaced by low, scudding clouds and rain.  Welcome to the Arctic.

As we walked into the arrival hall we looked around for our guide but no one was seen.  People were trooping out to buses that had arrived to take the planes passengers into town so, with nothing else to do, we carried our bags and jumped on board.  Thanks be to modern technology, the ‘grumpy’ driver was able to take payment by credit card.  
Coming into land at Longyearbyen
He dropped us of at the Spitsbergen Hotel, firstly having pointed out that we had got on the wrong bus, with thinly veiled bad grace.  Our initial impressions were less than favourable but were quickly dispelled by the warmth of the welcome at reception.  Bags were transported to a comfortable room; we returned to the bar for much needed food then headed for bed.

A Welcome Sign

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